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How To Pick The Right Concealed Carry Holster


Thousands of holsters are available on the market, each claiming to be the most comfortable and effective design in history.

Selecting the best concealed carry holster is just as important as selecting the best gun. You can have the best gun in the world, but if your holster fails, your weapon is as useless as an accordion on the battlefield.

Types Of Holsters

1. Ankle Holsters 

Off-duty police officers who wished to keep a low profile while carrying a small revolver or pistol used ankle holsters. Many concealed carriers who have problems fitting a holster into their waistline or concealing it in a shoulder rig have since adopted it.

2. Universal Holsters 

A universal holster is a less expensive option, but be aware that some are superior to others! A universal holster is essentially a holster made of thick yet robust fabric, commonly thick nylon or firm neoprene, that is designed to fit almost any weapon you can cram into it.

3. Appendix-Carry 

Appendix-Carry Holsters are designed to be worn within the waistband yet are small enough to be worn as an appendix. It gets its name from the fact that the gun is normally inserted in the front of the waistband on the strong side, usually near the appendix in the strong side pants pocket.

4. Shoulder Holsters 

Shoulder holsters come in a much wider range of styles than those frequently seen in movies. The gun is frequently lying on or near the non-dominant hand's ribcage. Because other methods have traditionally been substantially less comfortable, these holsters are usually better suited for people who spend a lot of time in their cars.

5. Thigh Holsters 

Thigh holsters are sometimes known as "drop leg" holsters because they are attached to the belt and rest on the thigh of the pistol carrier. These holsters are available in a range of styles, from law enforcement tactical to conventional "Old West." They have the potential to be highly effective and comfortable for both the car and the terrain.

How To Buy The Best Concealed Carry Holster

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Remember, the concealed carry holster is all that stands between you and your capacity to use your pistol to literally save your life. Make sure the holster you purchase allows you to draw your weapon even in the most intensive and chaotic scenarios, such as during an active battle situation. Don't scrimp on quality.

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